Administrative department

GAL Manager

  • Coordinates the activity of the Association under the organizational aspect as well as the observance of working procedures.
  • Coordinate effectively the work of Administrative Department, primarily ,those related to communication, information and the implementation of projects within the GAL.
  • Communication and information intended for the inhabitants and actors involved in the development of the territory , in relation to the proper functioning of the GAL and implementation of all actions within the local development strategy.
  • Signing contracts with suppliers, customers, strategic partners and beneficiaries
  • Signing the investments reports, the pay and the financial statements of the organization
  • Communicate to employees and contributors the values and strategic goals of the organization
  • Establishes the objectives for subordinated employees, the deadlines and ways of measuring the degree of achievement of the objectives.


Technical sector

  • They have the task of verifying and selecting the  projects what will be implemented.
  • Contribute to the implementation of activities within the GAL
  • Launching calls for projects
  • Coordinating the information office to clarify some aspects related to the applications and preparation  application for funding petition
  • Administrative assessment of the projects submitted
  • The technical and financial evaluation of the projects submitted
  • Requesting additional information from beneficiaries
  • Taking operative decisions on project implementation(or detect problems)
  • Making daily project management
  • Operative enforcement and proper procedures for resource management
  • Facilitating coordination between the activities of the components
  • Monitoring and reporting at the time about the achievements and results of the project



  • The animator is the intermediary between the Association and the specific target groups, being responsible towards these parts and distributing information that enable the target groups to understand the policies promoted by the Association.
  • It will be responsible for:
  • Promotional activities, information and communication-advertising, including advertising forms, preparation of press releases, booking places for press conferences.
  • Providing expert advice on rural development issues related to the National Plan of rural development.
  • Forming related to the measure of 431.2 activities of training and animation.
  • In general, visual identity
  • Formulate messages, prepares and / or presents informative materials
  • Contribute directly to information and communication activities aimedfor inhabitants  and actors involved in development planning in relation to the proper functioning of GAL and implementation of all actions of the local development strategy

Hired for the secretariat activities

  • Receiving, registration and distribution of corespondence inside the Organization
  • Raising and sending mail to recipients
  • Registration of judgments and decisions taken by the leadership, the stamp and their distribution at the level of administrative department.
  • Keeping the seals
  • Maintenance and operating of the registry with records of delegations within the Organization
  • Maintenance and operating of the registry with records of management requirements
  • Receiving people who want to get in touch with the leadership, ensuring protocol
  • Keeping track of postage stamps
  • Providing telephone connections inside and outside the organization
  • Receiving and transmitting telephone notes
  • Typing of documents
  • Contabilitate primară al asociaţiei
  • The purchase of supplies for activity progress in the Administrative Department offices.


Specialized external consultant of  project evaluation

  • Examine all documents provided by the Association and its divisions and offers advice on subjects exposed
  • Regularly, is  updating information on the new changes of legislation, changes related to the implementation, monitoring, provide interested persons of the organization
  • Providing advice and guidance to employees GAL on the issues that cannot be resolved at the local level
  • Is actively involved in the elaboration of guidelines for each measure, and in the same time supervises and examines the documents drafted by GAL
  • Is getting involved and tries to find solutions for unexpected problems.