The Leader Axis


The general objective of Axis IV:LEADER is starting and operatingthe initiatives of local interest, using the approach ,,bottom-up" hrough the involvement of local actors in the development of their territories.

The approach LEADER ,,bottom -up" is a great way to allow local actors to determine the needs of the area in which it arises and to contribute to the territorial development from the point of view economical,demographical, educational, cultural, through a development strategy developed and implemented local.

 Development of rural territories through the Axis IV- LEADER will be scheduled and managed by local actors which will represent the decision-making factor and also will bear the responsibility for the evolution in time of the territorial areas delineated in who will act.

 Operations financed by the LEADER approach involves integrated and  coherent action, leading to diversification and development of the rural economy for the benefit of communities.

 All through the axis IV-LEADER  will finance and the institutional construction , in order to elaborate and implement integrated strategies that will give  the posibility to rural actors , representatives of different fields of activity, to work together and interact on behalf of the rural communities.

 Axis LEADER objectives will be implemented "step by step", focusing at first on the training activities of the local actors and the support of the territories in order to implement development strategies.

 Local action groups are entities that represent the public-private partnership, made up of representatives of private and public sector, civilian, appointed from a rural homogeneous territory, who will have to meet a number of requirements concerning the composition, the territory covered and which will implement an integrated territorial development strategy.

 The actions that will be undertaken in the framework of the axis IV are summarized in 3 steps,such as:

 Measure 41-The implementation of local development strategies

 Measure 421-The implementation of cooperative projects

 Measure 431- Operation of the local action groups, acquiring skills and animating the territory